This time tomorrow…

My family and I are heading to Oregon now.  My son is amazing, he went over the checklist of things I need and he was scared I forgot, like my passport.  My daughter, keeps asking if I’m scared.  I think I may slightly scared,  I’ve never done anything this big in my life.  My dad said, if I wasn’t scared then I have big problems.  Oh I love my dad.  

I wouldn’t be able to do this today, if it wasn’t for my 2 amazing children, my bestest friend and my supportive dad.  Thank you so much for supporting me and my crazy dreams!  I love all of you and will miss you tremendously.  

I have 10,000,000 emotions that I’ve been experiencing for the past few days.  Tomorrow when I get on the trail, it will be the beginning of one of of my dreams, to escape into the woods and become one with nature.  And I don’t get to shave my legs for over a month.  LOL ūüéČ

I going to miss my life in Colbert, WA and all the details of life; doing dishes, listening to my kids bickering and my dog giving me a hug when I get home from work. 

I’m honored to be able to help our the EOD warrior foundation and to help raise money for them as I partake in this journey.  I’m hiking for 3 of my EOD friends that were injured last year when we were deployed.  I’m dedicating my hike to them.


6 more days…holy gracious¬†

For the past week I’ve been in Death Valley for Badwater 135 crewing and pacing my dear friend Mandy.  What a life altering experience that has been.  During a stretch of the course it was 116 degrees, not including the radiant heat temp from the rocks and road.  It was like running in an oven.  To look at the pain and misery on the faces of these elite athletes was very humbling.  It takes more then I’ll ever know to run 135 miles but to do it in Death Valley is 10,000,000 times harder.  It was an honor to be with with Mandy and crewing with Lori, Miranda and Andy was magical, we worked so well as a team.  We just took care of our girl as well as we knew how.

This desert now has part of my heart.  She helped with the confidence in myself grew, I began to overcome my feel of being scared and now I’m looking at it dead in its face.  It’s part of growing and becoming authentic to yourself.

This time in 6 days I will be already hiking towards Canada.  I can’t believe the time is almost here.  It’s so surreal.  My dream is about to come true and I’m not sure if it’s hit me 100% quite yet. 

Today, I will collect a few last food time a for my resupply boxes and assemble my bag for the last time before I get on the trail.  Oh my gracious, it’s almost here 


OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! 15 days

The day is getting closer and closer and the closer I get, the happier I get. About 6 years ago I started backpacking. I always wanted to do this. I grew up in New Jersey and being “in the woods” and backpacking was something that I always wanted to do, plus I wanted to learn to fly fish. So I met a man that would change me forever…he taught me everything I ever wanted to know about life, love, camping, backpacking, and of course fly fishing.

He bought me a good called “Trials on the trail” it was a story about a couple who just started dating and decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. See this man talked to me about the PCT and we decided that we will hike it one day. This year is MY year to do 710 miles of it. 

This hike is about me, I need to heal and I need to continue  “find me”.  when I was deployed last year, my life was flipped upside down and I landed back on me feet, but this time I was different, I was better. In the link above is the video on as to why I say this.IMG_5037

So in 2 weeks I will begin this hike.  I will hike for the EOD WARRIOR FOUNDATION.  My life was so altered for the good, that I want to return the favor and raise money for the men and women of the EOD world that are getting help through this amazing organization.

Below is the link to my donation page.  if you would like to help out, please click on “donate towards her journey”.  I will not see a single penny of it, it all goes to this organization.



87 days and counting

Every day that I get closer to August 8th, the more excited that I get.

There are about 2000 people that are currently hiking the PCT.¬† They¬†have left from Campo CA and heading towards Manning Park BC.¬† I am following several of these hikers on Facebook and Instagram and I’m vicariously living thru them.¬† The more that I read about their experiences and see their pictures, the more intoxicated that I feel!¬† Its going to be a journey, unlike any other.

I finally have all of my gear and I’m practically ready to go!¬† I will be weighing my pack this week and hoping that my base weight is no heavier then 13 pounds.¬† (Base weight is everything you’re carrying, minus food, fuel, and water) It may sound like a lot, but I’m not a super ultra light backpacker.¬† I’ll get lighter when I hike the entire¬†Appalachian Trail in 2017.

I started purchasing food that I will be eating along the way, things like snickers bars, mint M&Ms, Ramen, crackers and peanut butter and Crystal light.¬† I will start testing different dehydrated, homemade meals in the next 2 weeks and getting my menu straight.¬† My resupply boxes are very very slowly, getting things in them.¬† And by the beginning of July, my resupply points will be set in stone.¬† Currently I have 6 stops and I’m going to add a 7th, maybe 8th.¬† Logistically, I have a couple things to look at .

As I say everyday at work…IS IT AUGUST YET!?!?!?!?!?!?


Zen is running thru my veins

I spent more then 1/2 my day exploring some mountains near where I live and I wanted to share what I wrote and what I seen   

The Solitude in peace 

I find peace in that one man’s voice from the days of the past and in the laughter of my two children. 

I find peace in The babbling Brooks and the smell of the woods rush through my veins

I find peace in the sound of the wind going through the trees the chirping of the birds the smell of that morning sunrise

I find peace in the smell of the campfire and the bugling of the elk

I find peace and wanderlust of the forest and the simple life and love

I find peace in the thoughts as I walk and I wonder and smile to myself, this is how it’s supposed to be

I find peace and all that I had, all that I have and all that I will become

Here is where I called home



EXCITING stuff is happening!!!

I have 2 amazing, totally exciting things to announce!

#1¬† My hike is now going to start at Elk Lake Oregon and still ending in Manning Park BC.¬† Which now means my hike is 710 miles long and I’m hoping to complete this in about 34 days.

#2¬†¬† My EOD Warrior Foundation donation page is up and running.¬† For those of you that don’t know, I was deployed with the most amazing group of men in 2014, and we were based out of Kandahar Afghanistan.¬† I was in awe by everything that I have witnessed and got to know about these outstanding EOD techs, I want to dedicate my hike and raise money to support these Techs and their families. For those of you who would like to help me raise money, here is the link to my page!¬†

5 more months to go and my planning is going so well. Things seem to be really coming along for me. I’m getting happier and happier everyday!

PCT permit requested!!!!!!

Holy gracious!!!!   WHAT A DAY and its only the beginning

Today marks 18 years in the United States Air Force


Today I applied for my permit to hike the Washington State section of the Pacific Crest Trail!!!!¬† I can’t believe that I’m doing this.¬† I’m so excited!¬† I am feeling so many emotions.

196 more days to go!


Washington State PCT thru-hike planning has offically begun!!!!

Well…here is the link

This will be the elevation highs and lows, map and resupply points for my amazing journey!

August 17 2015 I will start a solo thru-hike at the Bridge of the Gods on the Cascade Locks in Oregon and I will end about 29 days later in Manning Park BC Canada.

I will hike about 20 miles a day, some days may be shorter and other days may be longer.  The total elevation gain (hiking up each mountain) through the State of Washington is 73,670 feet and I will hike up and over 7 mountain passes.

I will carry everything that I need to survive and protect myself in my backpack.  Every 5-7 days I will reach a post office/town that will have my supplies, food and maps for the next section, and it will be my chance to take a real shower and maybe sleep in a real bed.

I will hike through 3 National Forests:

Gifford Pinchot National Forest…which includes

  • Indian Heaven Wilderness
  • Mount Adams Wilderness
  • Goat Rocks Wilderness
  • William O. Douglas Wilderness

Mt Baker ‚Äď Snoqualmie National Forest…which¬†includes

  • Norse Peak Wilderness
  • Alpine Lakes Wilderness
  • Henry M. Jackson Wilderness
  • Glacier Peak Wilderness

Okanagan ‚Äď Wenatchee National Forest…which includes

  • Goat Rocks Wilderness
  • William O. Douglas Wilderness
  • Norse Peak Wilderness
  • Alpine Lakes Wilderness
  • Henry M. Jackson Wilderness
  • Glacier Peak Wilderness
  • Pasayten Wilderness

And 2 National Parks:

Mt Rainier National Park thru the Mount Rainier Wilderness

North Cascades National Park thru the Stephen Mather Wilderness

This is going to be an EPIC journey!!


Hello world!

This is my very first post!  This blog is going to have everything about my amazing journey that I am going to take hiking thru the Washington State Pacific Crest Trail.

I will share what gear I will carry, my food, and my thoughts, fears, joys and love¬†of doing this!¬† Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared to do this, I’m wicked excited.¬† This is EPIC and I’ve been looking forward to doing this for quite a few years now.

I will hike about 508 miles thru 3 national forests and 2 national parks…ALL BY MYSELF

Am I crazy?!?!  Maybe, but the trail is going to be one of many dreams that I am making come true!!!!!



I will...just watch me