Zen is running thru my veins

I spent more then 1/2 my day exploring some mountains near where I live and I wanted to share what I wrote and what I seen   

The Solitude in peace 

I find peace in that one man’s voice from the days of the past and in the laughter of my two children. 

I find peace in The babbling Brooks and the smell of the woods rush through my veins

I find peace in the sound of the wind going through the trees the chirping of the birds the smell of that morning sunrise

I find peace in the smell of the campfire and the bugling of the elk

I find peace and wanderlust of the forest and the simple life and love

I find peace in the thoughts as I walk and I wonder and smile to myself, this is how it’s supposed to be

I find peace and all that I had, all that I have and all that I will become

Here is where I called home



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