OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! 15 days

The day is getting closer and closer and the closer I get, the happier I get. About 6 years ago I started backpacking. I always wanted to do this. I grew up in New Jersey and being “in the woods” and backpacking was something that I always wanted to do, plus I wanted to learn to fly fish. So I met a man that would change me forever…he taught me everything I ever wanted to know about life, love, camping, backpacking, and of course fly fishing.

He bought me a good called “Trials on the trail” it was a story about a couple who just started dating and decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. See this man talked to me about the PCT and we decided that we will hike it one day. This year is MY year to do 710 miles of it. 

This hike is about me, I need to heal and I need to continue  “find me”.  when I was deployed last year, my life was flipped upside down and I landed back on me feet, but this time I was different, I was better. In the link above is the video on as to why I say this.IMG_5037

So in 2 weeks I will begin this hike.  I will hike for the EOD WARRIOR FOUNDATION.  My life was so altered for the good, that I want to return the favor and raise money for the men and women of the EOD world that are getting help through this amazing organization.

Below is the link to my donation page.  if you would like to help out, please click on “donate towards her journey”.  I will not see a single penny of it, it all goes to this organization.





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