6 more days…holy gracious 

For the past week I’ve been in Death Valley for Badwater 135 crewing and pacing my dear friend Mandy.  What a life altering experience that has been.  During a stretch of the course it was 116 degrees, not including the radiant heat temp from the rocks and road.  It was like running in an oven.  To look at the pain and misery on the faces of these elite athletes was very humbling.  It takes more then I’ll ever know to run 135 miles but to do it in Death Valley is 10,000,000 times harder.  It was an honor to be with with Mandy and crewing with Lori, Miranda and Andy was magical, we worked so well as a team.  We just took care of our girl as well as we knew how.

This desert now has part of my heart.  She helped with the confidence in myself grew, I began to overcome my feel of being scared and now I’m looking at it dead in its face.  It’s part of growing and becoming authentic to yourself.

This time in 6 days I will be already hiking towards Canada.  I can’t believe the time is almost here.  It’s so surreal.  My dream is about to come true and I’m not sure if it’s hit me 100% quite yet. 

Today, I will collect a few last food time a for my resupply boxes and assemble my bag for the last time before I get on the trail.  Oh my gracious, it’s almost here 


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