My name is Stacy and I am active duty in the United State Air Force.  I have been deployed 7 times, in the past 18 years and 3 of those deployments were to Afghanistan.

I am a mother of 2, an ultra-marathon runner and a lover of “the woods” and nature!

I will be hiking the Washington State Pacific Crest trail on August 17, 2015.  During my hike, I would like to raise $5000 and awareness for the EOD Warrior Foundation.  Since I am taking on such a giant and amazing journey, I would like do what I can to help my fellow military brother and sisters, who have been hurt or killed.  The EOD Warrior Foundation “serves the EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to active-duty and veteran wounded, injured or ill EOD warriors, families of our wounded and fallen EOD warriors and by maintaining the EOD Memorial.”

The money that I raise will go directly to the EOD Warrior Foundation and I will not see a single dollar of it! If you would like to donate to them, please go to:


thank you for your interest in my journey and my cause!



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